Airport Fever

I adjusted my fleece jacket and relaxed my shoulders again. I wasn’t sure what I hated more; if it was the hard chairs at the JKIA airport, or the waiting and the imminent flying. I tried mother’s phone if only to hear my son’s voice for the last time before boarding. Two years old he would be in a week without his mother to help him blow out the candles. I tried the phone again and there was still no answer.

“Excuse me.” said a male voice, it was from a man who tripped on my bag that lay carelessly on the floor. He had been pacing up and down, murmuring something to himself as if in prayer.

“Mmh” I said back and continued pressing the keys on my phone, a quick ‘love you’ message would have to do.

“After you.” The male voice came again, I looked up, and was surprised at the contradiction of his deep husky voice and his small body. He gestured with his hands offering me a space infront of him with a smile. I was struck by his perfect smile, his black curly hair, his familiar perfume, an expensive kind, I thought. I waved my hands to him, as to let him go. I then realized that he had no hand luggage, he swung a red passport and his IPhone at the boarding counter. The attendant looked at him, at his passport and then looked at him again and finally one last look at his passport. I looked at him and his bare hands, I wondered why he travelled so light, and to where he was travelling. The attendant forced a smile and wished him a safe flight. I watched him walk through the scanning, his face frowned at the beep when the red sign showed up, and he removed his belt and went through it again. As he wore his belt back on I saw the perfect line of his teeth and his brown eyes brightened up again.

“Enjoy your flight.”  The attendant said as she handed me my passport and boarding pass, and I with my shaky hands emptied my handbag for scanning.